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Composite Sides

The composite or composite resin is a dental material that is placed on top of the tooth and that we will mold until we reach the desired shape and anatomy. We will design your smile together, and before it is finally placed in the mouth, we will test until you are completely satisfied with the result.

At Lora Boutique Dental we have in all shades of the composite to achieve the most natural possible result and even cover the dark shade of natural teeth. This material has a durability of 5 to 7 years in the mouth, which depends on the client’s hygiene and cares. Of course, at Lora Boutique Dental we will also help you to keep them at your regular dental check-ups.

What are the advantages?

  1. They are carried out in 1 visit (after diagnosis).
  2. It is a reversible treatment.
  3. The tissues around the tooth have very good tolerance to the composite.
  4. It is a porous material, so it can be pigmented.
  5. It is a recommended treatment for any age and even for teenagers for which ceramic veneers would not be indicated yet.

Veneers or Ceramic Contact Lenses

Veneers or contact lenses are a thin ceramic sheet that is used to modify or recreate the appearance of teeth. Nowadays it has been shown that due to a strong bond between the veneer and the tooth, it is not necessary to perform an invasive grinding on the natural tooth. For this reason, at Lora Boutique Dental we work under the philosophy of not carving natural teeth or, if treatment requires it, of carrying out minimal invasive carving. We will design your smile together and before it is definitively placed in the mouth, we will test until you are completely satisfied with the result. How long do ceramic veneers last in the mouth? Approximately between 10-15 years, taking into account hygiene and patient care. Are they pigmented? No, being ceramic, the veneers cannot be pigmented.


There are many reasons why a tooth may lose its color and brightness, either due to the age of the patient, their habits, or if they have previously taken any medication. At Lora Boutique Dental we perform a teeth whitening of approximately one hour that aims to eliminate dental stains and make your teeth acquire a whiter and brighter shade. For this we have the number one product on the market: Zoom WhiteSpeed from Philips. How often do we recommend doing this treatment? We recommend doing it once a year. Can we decide which target we want as a result? We cannot decide since it will depend on the enamel of the patient.




At Lora Boutique Dental we work with the Invisalign house, an invisible aesthetic orthodontic system that is based on the use of transparent and removable aligners that progressively correct and straighten the position of the teeth. Without metal, without an unpleasant visual effect, and discomfort.

Besides, we have the most advanced technology that allows us to show you a priori a virtual simulation of the final result after performing the treatment. Our team will assess the case of each patient to recommend the ideal treatment.


Implants are metallic elements that are surgically located in the maxillary bones, below the gums. Once implanted in the selected location, our specialist can place fixed crowns or bridges on them to replace the missing teeth.
At Lora Boutique Dental we work with Straumann brand dental implants that have been positioned as the number one worldwide, since their different products comply with the best quality designs, which are perfectly adapted to the needs of each patient.



Also known as painless caries removal, this treatment responds to our main purpose: to make you forget the anguish and the classic nerves; performing completely aesthetic and non-invasive restorations, removing only the tooth tissue that has been affected by caries. For this, Lora Boutique Dental has high-end composites and materials.



This procedure aims to treat the tooth nerve to keep the piece as long as possible in the mouth instead of removing it. Some of the main indications for endodontics are tooth breakage or fracture, deep caries, and pulpitis. Before carrying it out, the previous diagnosis and study of every case must be taken into account. Lora Boutique Dental has the best technological equipment and instrumentation to avoid patient feel discomfort during or after treatment.

Minimally Invasive Gum Surgery

This minimally invasive procedure is advisable in patients whose smile shows a lot of gums or when we want to harmonize the shape of the tooth. The post-operative is completely painless and in about a week your smile will be perfect. As a routine, during that period you should only use mouthwash and a gel based on hyaluronic acid that will help you to heal.


Fixed Prosthesis on Natural Tooth or Implant

When speaking of fixed prostheses we refer to highly aesthetic crowns and inlays. What is a crown or case? The crown or dental cap replaces the shape of your tooth when it has fractures or other damage and cannot be reconstructed by filling or filling. Prior to placement, a preparation is carried out on the natural tooth so that it gives space to the new restoration.
Dental inlays are ceramic or resin pieces that adhere to a portion of the healthy tooth after some type of injury has been removed, such as cavities. These highly aesthetic inlays replace the missing portion giving the natural tooth more resistance without the need to carve the tooth for the realization of a crown.