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Our Technology


Our Technology

One of the advantages of getting yourself in Lora´s Boutique Dental team hands is the tranquility of knowing that, despite being in the hands of great professionals, they have the best and most advanced technology; offering the outmost cutting-edge treatments in the field of aesthetics and dental health.


“Digital technology in dentistry has experienced a breakthrough in providing the patient with the comfort, speed, and efficiency that Lora always prioritizes to make the entire process as pleasant as possible for our patients.”

Some of the most notable advances that allow us to provide these services are the Itero 3D intraoral scanner, which replaces the old molds for both, veneers and crowns. This system is more comfortable since it makes the patient’s 3D oral cavity impressions, giving an exact and detailed reproduction of both the shape of all its components and the bite.

It also streamlines the entire process of communication with the laboratory, sending all the information to start making the required piece in five minutes. On the other hand, Itero is characterized by working directly with the Invisalign house. Therefore, after having carried out the scan, a simulation of how his ideal smile would look like can be presented to the patient within ten minutes using this treatment.

At Lora Boutique Dental we also have, among many other tools, a Laser that allows painless and non-invasive gingivoplasties, 3D Bone Scan for implant planning, minimizing the possibilities of error, and a smile design software called DSD, which allows the patient to be shown each step of the treatment and the design of the smile, making them feel more comfortable, safe, and knowledgeable about the entire process.