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Composite Veneers

The composite or composite resin is a dental material that is placed on top of the tooth and that we will mold until we reach the desired shape and anatomy. We will do the design of your smile together and before it is finally placed in the mouth, we will do a test until you are completely satisfied with the result.

At Lora Boutique Dental we have all the shades of composite, to achieve the most natural result possible and even cover the dark tone of natural teeth. This material has a durability of 5 to 7 years in the mouth, which depends on the hygiene and care of the patient. Of course at Lora Boutique Dental we will also help you keep them in your regular dental check-ups.

What are its advantages?

1) They are performed in 1 visit (after diagnosis)

2) It is a reversible treatment

3) They are easy to repair, if they break, the dentist can repair them the same day.

4) The tissues around the tooth have a very good tolerance to the composite.

5) It is a recommended treatment for any age and for adolescents who still do not have ceramic veneers.